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Authors: Campos, Priscila Espirito Santo Ferro
Title: Memória de família e gestão do conhecimento na fabricação de espumantes na adega Chesini: um estudo de caso
Keywords: Intraorganizational knowledge;Family memory;Sparkling;Adega Chesini;Knowledge management;Winery;Intraorganizational knowledge;Memória social e bens culturais;Conhecimento intraorganizacional.;Memória família;Gestão do conhecimento;Vinícola;Conhecimento intraorganizacional
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidade La Salle
Abstract: It is perceived that knowledge is a fundamental resource for business growth. Aristotle advocated that power comes from knowledge. When we think of the segment of Brazilian winemaking, we hypothesize how the knowledge acquired and passed on to generations has been and will be transmitted. In this scenario, the articulation between family memory and knowledge within organization is the theme of this study. The aim of this dissertation is to analyze the contributions to the Adega Chesini in the period from its inception to 2018, in relation to the practices of knowledge sharing within the organization, from the SECI model. Data collection used as main sources the documentary research and the semistructured interview. The results of this study reveal, in a specific way, that: (a) the socialization of knowledge occurs from meetings (formal, informal), participations in associations linked to the business and learning "master and apprentice" type. (b) the externalization of knowledge occurs through the development of participation in external events and awards; (c) the combination of knowledge comes from the exchange of emails and use of whataspp and access to the Adega Chesini website; (d) in the internalization the methods facilitating the internalization of knowledge are, access to reading materials. Winery site and creation of cultural space; (e) it was verified that the practices of knowledge sharing within the organization contribute to informal learning, creation of new tacit knowledge, to the creation of new products developed at the Adega Chesini and to the implementation of improvements and memory in the Winery
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Telles, Tamara Cecília Karawejczyk
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