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Authors: Flores, Orion De Vargas
Title: Avaliação do processo de remediação de áreas contaminadas por óleo diesel submetidas ao tratamento físico e químico
Keywords: Microbiota;Dangerous products;Soil contamination;Remediation;Microbiota;Produtos perigosos;Contaminação de solo;Remediação
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Centro Universitário La Salle
Abstract: The accidental outpouring of chemical products and/or dangerous products, like, for exemple, fuel, petrol, generate enviromental impacts due to the quality modification of the place local, soil contamination, air, water causing risck to human health and the enviornmet. The causes of this outpouring are many and can be in the storing of these producs, as also during the transport and its stages - loading and downloading. Among the impacts generated in these outpourings is the biological community of the ground, that is modified due to the changes in the chemichal and phisical factors of the soil. The present work shows a study of the soil in contaminated areas with oil diesel after applying a phisical and chemichal remediation process. Three different areas were studied that are in distincts remediation process. One first area is in the end of remediation process, and the second is in the beguinning of remediation process. Having the liquid stage of the contaminat present in the area yet and the third is found in the endding remediation process with the aplication of oxidant. For the microbiota evaluation were collected three soil sample of each area being one of the samples the white dot. These samples were analized by indirect counting methods of microorganisms, though standard counting methods in pourplate and the most probable number (NMP). It was possible to observe that the remediation process using phisical and chemical tretement in studied areas was successful and that the microbiota tends to recoveritself after the end of the remediation process. In areas that have contaminats on the soil the microbiota tends to increase doe to the presence of hidrocarbonoclásticos microorganisms. In areas that the application of the oxidant is in process, they tend to present one imbalance of the microbiota due to the blocking of the oxidant, reducing the microbial population.
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Bizani, Delmar
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