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Autor(es): Borges, Maria de Lourdes
Gonçalo, Cláudio Reis
Título: Learning process promoted by sensemaking and trust: a study related to unexpected events
Palavras-chave: Sensemaking;Trust;Unexpected events
Data do documento: 2010
Editor: FGV
Citação: BORGES, M. L.; GONÇALO, C. R. Learning process promoted by sensemaking and trust: a study related to unexpected events. Cadernos EBAPE.BR, v. 8, n. 2, jun. 2010. Disponível em: Acesso em: 06 ago. 2021.
Resumo: The objective of this study is to understand the interrelations among the micro processes which comprise sensemaking (WEICK, 1995) and the construction of trust (LUHMANN, 1996) in unexpected events. Unexpected events transcend routine and planning orders. However, when they happen, they demand from the organizations solutions as efficient and effectual as those programmed events. The methodology consists of the analysis of six semi-structured interviews and Conversation Analysis (CA) of the main extracts of the conversation between the agents and the supervisor from the beginning of event until its conclusion (recorded in real time). As empirical evidence, an unexpected event at the Operations Center of the Brazilian Electrical System (COS) of an important Brazilian state, on September 24 and 25, 2009 is investigated. The conclusion is that there is an interrelationship between micro processes of sensemaking, considered as ambiguity, experience and interactions, and the micro processes of trust, considered as complexity, familiarity and social behavior.
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