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Authors: Jung, Hildegard Susana
Danesi, Luiz Carlos
Monticelli, Jefferson Marlon
Fossatti, Paulo
Title: Limits of sustainability management at community universities
Keywords: University Management;Higher Education;Sustainability;Brazil
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Fronteiras: Journal of Social, Technological and Environmental Science
Citation: FOSSATTI, P. et al. Limits of sustainability management at community universities. Fronteiras: Journal of Social, Technological and Environmental Science, Anápolis/GO, v. 9, n.º 3, p. 33-54, 2020. Disponível em: Acesso em: 09 maio 2022.
Abstract: The article aims to identify, from the perspective of strategic managers, categories that participate in the establishment of an innovation culture in community universities in southern Brazil. The method is based on an exploratory, qualitative research using a multiple case study and considering a group of Brazilian universities as the analysis unit. The interviews were conducted with 67 managers from 14 higher education institutions, as well as legal provisions, documents, and scenario studies. The results point to the need for universities to work in a competitive strategic positioning; approaching academia and market times; guaranteeing innovation of the sustainable management principle; internationalization as an indicator of innovation; curricular inflection and formation of innovative leaderships. Our contribution lies in proposing that universities, regardless of their state, private or community status, must follow a strategic plan that is competitive in the market and boosts the innovation culture
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