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Authors: Silva, Sandro Rodrigues da
Title: As narrativas da memória: Ilê Axé Ogunjá Agadá
Keywords: Candomblé;Memory;Hierarchy;Digital technologies;Ancestrality;Memória Social e Bens Culturais;Candomblé;Memória;Hierarquia;Rituais;Ancestralidade
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidade La Salle
Abstract: The dossie presented here reports the practices and rituals that exist in a terreiro/shed of Candomblé, placed in the city of Gravataí/RS: the Axé Ogunjá. Those practices has been studied focused on the appreciation of ancestrality and building of memory in Candomblé, brought throught photographies and testemonies of members of the terreiro studied and integrated to the elaboration of a dossie. Therefore, this research is highlighted by the role of orality, feature inseparable related to Candomblé. The practices and rituals were studied as members of a mnemonic baggage placed at the disposition of the followers and ritually recollected. The study invites to theoretical and empirical thinking of how these rituals and practices are developed, considering a strong non-institutionalized hierarchy, the cult to ancestrality and the re-significances through oral narratives evidenced in the search to appreciation and recognition of practices from people of saint as Cultural Heritage.
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Isaia, Artur Cesar
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