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Authors: Fossatti, Jeferson
Title: Estudo do bioprocesso utilizando bactérias aeróbias no tratamento da drenagem ácida da mineração de carvão
Keywords: Acid mine drainage.;Bioprocess;Metals;Sulfate;Micrococcus luteus;Acetobacter aceti;Drenagem ácida de mina;Avaliação de Impactos Ambientais em Mineração;Bioprocesso;Metais;Sulfato;Micrococcus luteus;Acetobacter aceti
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Centro Universitário La Salle
Abstract: The Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) is a major problem in the mining world. Are waters that have low pH, high concentrations of dissolved metals and sulphate. It is generated when the sulfide mineral comes in contact with water and oxygen. The most common methods for treatment, currently used are the chemical. In this study we used the bioremediation process, which consists in stimulating the natural substances microorganisms to degrade toxically harmful substances transforming them into less toxic or not. The aim of this work was to produce AMD laboratory and study the possibility of using bacteria to treat this liquid coal beneficiation. For the development of the experiment were used pyritic tailings, equipment and reagents Microbiology Lab's Unilasalle. We used two bacterial strains: Acetobacter aceti and Micrococcus luteus. The microorganisms were cultivated in D-mannitol agar and nutrient agar, respectively. These bacteria were inoculated and incubated in liquid medium and supplementation for AMD 0.6% of sodium lactate (C3H5O3Na). In preparing the medium the addition of lactate was positive, since the pH increased to values suitable for microbial growth and there was no precipitation of any kind. The microorganisms were able to reduce high concentrations of metals such as: 63.85% nickel, 61.06% aluminum, 52.8% iron and 44.82% lead. The sulphate reduction was highlighted with Micrococcus luteus to 87.37% removal.
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Bizani, Delmar
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