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Authors: Wasem, Ivana Angeli Neuhaus
Title: Desenvolvimento de ferramenta de atualização legislativa para controle de requisitos legais de um sistema de gestão ambiental
Keywords: Environmental management;Environmental law;Environmental certification;Legislative update tool;Impactos ambientais em mineração;Gestão ambiental;Legislação ambiental;Certificação ambiental;Ferramenta de atualização legislativa
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Centro Universitário La Salle
Abstract: This dissertation aims guidance for implementation and monitoring of an environmental management system within companies. To this end, we elaborated a systematization of legal rules and normative directed to management and environmental certification in an industrial enterprise, to enable the rapid understanding of the legal requirements in the legislation and facilitate the location and consequent use of these standards. The research of environmental legislation was organized in three hierarchical levels of public administration: federal, state and municipal, observing also for the characteristics of the project (type of activity, size and location). These features allow you to perform an inventory of environmental aspects of waste generated and the environmental impacts of where it is located. To accomplish this activity, however, the greatest difficulty was to bring together all the legislation applied to the company, since the laws relevant to environmental law are widely scattered among the three spheres of power mentioned above. So was gestated creating a tool that allows to systematize the entire implementation of a system of environmental management in order to meet the needs of a company from the definition of its features. To give an account of your management system and certification, it was noticed that the update of this tool should be constant, a requirement of Brazilian law, which undergoes changes all the time. The procedure described in the specific objectives presented three phases: knowledge of the enterprise studied from their environmental aspects and impacts; research and survey of the legal rules, and, finally, the construction of the tool itself, obtained from the systematization of legal requirements for the Environmental Management System, called Legislative Update Tool. To carry out the legislative consultation was necessary to obtain data from the company regarding its operation and environmental performance. During the development of the dissertation fully verified the applicability of the tool and its effectiveness is related to the proper inventory normative form of update and query facility systematized.
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Kautzmann, Rubens Müller
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