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Authors: Pires, Maria Bernardete Corsini
Title: Formação profissional na academia de polícia civil do RS: um estudo da gestão e do currículo
Keywords: Civil police;Education of police;Vocational training;Curriculum Acadepol/RS;Educação;Polícia Civil;Educação Policial;Formação profissional;Currículo da ACADEPOL/RS
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Centro Universitário La Salle
Abstract: Over the past few years historians, sociologists and researchers have been working on studies of police violence and crime by analyzing government and society as a machine standards, such as institutions and as administrative agents for the most light from a purely scientific explanation for such phenomena. This dissertation develops the theme: Training at the Academy of Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul: a Study of Management and the Curriculum. The main objective of this investigation is the comparison of the training curriculum at their level, Clerk of Police, Inspector of Police and Commissioner of Police. Identifying their contents, working hours and operational development in the academic context. Although the tasks are differentiated, one can perceive the curriculum similarity very significant in building the curriculum for the different positions. This study leads us to think of a substantial reformulation for the adequacy of a reality, today more expressed in the documents than on pedagogical praxis and operational.
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Evaldo Luis Pauly
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