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Authors: Balzano, Otávio Nogueira
Title: Projeto esporte social: uma possibilidade de inclusão dos alunos negros, atletas e oriundos de classes populares na escola privada, através do futebol
Keywords: Social sports project;Inclusion;Soccer;Private school;Educação;Projeto esporte social;Inclusão;Futebol;Escola privada
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Centro Universitário La Salle
Abstract: This work is the final report delivered to the search for Master Course in Education at the University La Salle, under the title: "Social Sports Project: a possibility of inclusion of black students, athletes and from classes in private school through of football "for purposes of obtaining the title of Master. Through qualitative research of the type of case study and the use of semi-structured interviews, participant observation, the journal of the field and document analysis and information-gathering tools, the research aimed to answer the following research problem : The "Social Sports Project" contributes to the process of inclusion of black students, athletes and from classes in private school through the football? "The dissertation is organized into two parts. First, the benchmarks are located where I develop a theoretical approach to the problem and make the decisions that led to methodological research. In the second, the interpretation of treatment results in the field. This information led to five categories of analysis: Integrating School, Football with means of inclusion and social ascension, Social Inclusion and School, the school and the Sports and Social Exclusion Project social and school. In closing comments, I present: as a conclusion, the importance of football in the inclusion of private school students in stock. Also present, my thoughts during the process of development of research, suggestions for building an inclusive school related to the Social and Sports Project ideas that can give continuity to the subject of research.
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