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Authors: Pereira, Edna Das Graças Martins
Title: Na casa do pão e do livro: a contribuição da psicanálise para compreender os meninos do pão dos pobres a caminho de uma educação cidadã
Keywords: Abandonment;Attendance the children and adolescents;Social vulnerability;Public Policies for children and adolescents;Fundação Pão dos Pobres de Santo Antonio;Educação;Abandono;Atendimento a crianças e adolescentes;Vulnerabilidade social;Políticas Públicas para crianças e adolescentes;Fundação Pão dos Pobres de Santo Antônio
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Centro Universitário La Salle
Abstract: This dissertation reports 50 cases of psychosocial care provided to children and adolescents who had entered the Foundation Bread of the Poor persons of Antonio Saint, situated in the city of Porto Alegre, to guarantee education, support and care of children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability. The dissertation inserts such attendance in the historical context of the institution Pão dos Pobres, of the abandonment in the childhood and of it offers of school attendance with student housing offered by this religious institution, breaking of the following questiontheoretical research: of that it forms this institution tries to conciliate, of a side, would be guarantee them shelter, protection, education and professionalization to them with, on the other hand, the limitations of the proper institution to provide to such guarantees for children and adolescents whose histories of life are marked for so unfair abandonment?
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Pauly, Evaldo Luis
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