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Authors: Costa, Giovane Martins da
Title: Diversidade das organizações familiares e as implicações educativas na contemporaneidade
Keywords: Family diversity;Education;Educator formation;Complexity
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Centro Universitário La Salle
Abstract: Family and education transformations are conected with the diversity ways of lifes construction and afirmation. These are this research focus: the families organizations diversity and it’s implications on the actual education. This is a qualitative study, with exploratory and descritive characteristics, developed through three focus groups made by seventeen teachers, from three schools, two from Canoas/RS and one from Sapucaia do Sul/RS. Data analyses was made using content analysis proposed by Bardin. The Complexity Theory by E. Morin was used for the theoric orientation, conecting with family and education studies. Four categories were constructed. The first one was Family Relations Dinamics, where the diversity on the family lifes is present and is characterized by multiplicity configurations, independent of the known models (father, mother and children). The second category Structures and Referentials shows that family structure isn’t connected to the existing roles in the nuclear family, instead of it is associate to the members relations meaning. We put in evidence that when the teachers are going to think of family diversity, they use their own history to comparate with others. The third category is called Multiple Care Context, which means that is necessary consider complexity in care takes when we are talking about family diversity. Even theachers know family organization diversity, in the education they recognize the tradicional family organization (father, mother and children). The last cathegory shows that the theme diversity is out in teacher studies structure.
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Silva, Gilberto Ferreira da
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